He came back with stack of cash
Even with loads of fancy Cars
The blings on his raiment blinded them all
Mama Chinedu held her chest,
When my pikin go be like this

The depth of the potholes broke his wheels
He cursed the chairman and even the chiefs
But just the other day he was given a 4milllon dollar bribe for the deal
“the best man has it” his lips proclaimed

See them burning a thief down the street
He stole a goat and took to his heels
The vigilante head organized and caught his feet
Even him of recent forced a minor to dance

The tale of Kunle made the dailies
He was that yahoo boy gone wrong
Until yesterday he was pouring wine into his casket
Even his Enemies praised him when he got his deals
Now he walks unclad on our streets

We heard noise deep inside the yard
Echoes on the streets of men
sounds roared like thunders in our hears
Our electric bulbs smiled again

See that celebrity on Instagram
The curves and perfection was out of reach
‘She even be like person wey no Dey shit’
Now she has 10millon followers for her hussle
What do you expect suliya to think?

We are all victims of what we breed
Nollywood told us ‘plenty’ things
We meet pressure garnished with void
The solution we got are problematic
Now our streets are blessed with gunshots

They kidnapped in Niger delta for ransom
Till it got to Arewa side of the field
It became a game for the rich
This made even their Messi and Ronaldos very rich
So let the poor keep lamenting till we get our fill

All I am saying is either we got the lesson wrong
or was shown the wrong side of the coin
The head had been illustrated as tail for long
Misplaced priorities made our lads die young

Stale Educational system gushed down our cavity
We even rumbled with bad governance
insecurity is the order of the day
Now we all look for who to blame
‘oga’ don’ run , Enjoy the game

The elder don’t even talk because you all are the genesis of this
Some of you keep shut while we watched
I am a good Christian I won’t join
Imam is my calling , never to talk
Now ‘Shebi’ he don happen we all join

We all need to wake up before things go boom!!!
We are on one second tick like time bomb
Check the daily, and see the underwears of evil looming
Oh my world, I fear for what’s coming.

King Emmy’s Epistles

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