The world hard and odd
lies now slim fitted into regalia truth
Values getting deep and lost
Ripped off very swift..

Gallant men been swept off
Talent been wasted on truancy
Indolence celebrated for stupidity
Now all we got is insecurity

Where there are poor graduate
And rich criminals,
Where monkeys eat cash
Even snakes now swallow dollars
Where all lost hope and cope

Insanity been celebrated as swag
Abnormalities sandwiched into reality
Tranquillity a word for the old
Normality that thrown to the goat

Values and ethics lost in the past
Culture and tradition fizzle out of time
History lost as mthys of times
But this is how we strive

In a world of hate and lost
Where evil wealth celebrated
And hard work truncated ….
Men of standard are relegated

They say if you can beat them
You join them,what if I join I ask ?
Hmmm will, wait ‘who will be different
Who will see those light at the end of the tunnel?

Oh my generation ,I will strive
Even thou am beaten and battered
Thrown down and rejected
I stay strong,still striving

Beyond words and tough nuts
Beyond me and you
Beyond the country and leaders
We strive to the finish line

Now I strive thou not alone
Without a pocket to fallback to
Without the big agbada’s and Tommy’s
Without help or applaud
With critics I strive
With lyrics I strive
With life I strive
With values I strive
With my leaders I strive
With Reaction and elections I strive
With singers I strive
With love I strive
With my gift I strive
I keep on trying to the finish line….

@king Emmy’s epistle.

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