In the middle of no where
Where we had only the birds
Where we were lost
So feeble and hungry
When all seems lost and tough

Expectations tarred with weariness
Time pasted with flames In time
Emotions came in creeping
Our walls seemed weak and broken
Our minds raveled with the journey

All we had was ourselves
The sporadic intense of our bonds
Created an electron cloud in our reaction
We forced in excitement from our weariness
We made the jungle so jealous of our fun

We had fun,we had time
We had seasons in the sun
We climbed trees of hope
Created pleasures untold
They where just seasons out of time

In our hurdles we flowed
We created fun from void
Used the moment for our proponent
Which boosted our components
We derived strength from our talents

Thou we all lost in the moment
We still built our monument
Toughened by what we saw
Then we realized the journey
Came for a reason, which we never saw.
Now we are left perplexed ,in the crux of nowhere, it couldn’t stop the rivers of togetherness with all the fun we had…..

King Emmy’s epistle.

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